“Do You Have Any Patience?” is the first book in the Flip and Friends book series which is the story of Flip, an impatient, demanding little frog that wants everything NOW. Flip slowly learns the importance of patience and is sweetly rewarded. 

About the author.

I am the father of four Princesses and a Superhero. Raising these five beautiful, smart, independent children has inspired and challenged me to use creative and original ideas to teach them important life lessons. The Flip and Friends series are stories I originally created to educate my own children in a fun and relatable way. As an early writer of poetry, the transition to children’s books was a natural progression of life as parenthood is its own form of poetry.

I am very excited to finally take these stories that had such a huge impact on my own children’s lives and share them with the world.

Ben Stern

About the illustrator.


I am a Long Island-based artist with 10+ years of experience as an illustrator, graphic designer, and photographer. I enjoy working with various mediums and experimenting with new ways to create, and believe that one should never lose their inner child and should find wonder and inspiration in the little things around you. I am overwhelmed with excitement for the ambitious plans for the Flip and Friends book series and can’t wait to share it with you!

Chava Cohen


Flip in Real Life

The Flip and Friends book series is dedicated to the memory of my dear brother, Philip (Flip) Stern whom was taken from this world way too early. Phil was hard working, loved the outdoors, and was constantly making everyone laugh.

Miss you brother.


"Patience is something good to have, but as the lovable green frog, Flip, soon discovers is hard to buy when he sets off on a quest to find some patience of his own. Sweet, witty and relatable, Ben Stern’s “Do You Have Any Patience?” Is bound to become a favorite story for children and parents alike. "

Dev Friedlander – Author, You See Me

"Flip and Friends is a bright, colorful book that is sure to appeal to kids. The characters are cute, loveable and carry a message for parents and children alike. Ben Stern has found a way to turn an important life-long lesson, into an easy read for even the little ones!"

Yona Margolese – Head of School, Seattle, WA

"The story of Flip and his trek to purchase patience, is a story that children of all ages and in all countries deal with daily. So often, it is not material items that we strive to attain for our children, but the deep social understandings of our world. This impactful social story allows children to visualize the reward received for obtaining the characteristic of patience, and the value it has toward the upbringing of our children. Ben so masterfully created a tale in which this important lesson can be visualized and understood by all children. "

Dan Seid – Principal, Rockville Centre, NY

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